If you have already played Minecraft, you surely know that you can make your own items by crafting them in the workbench or in the furnace using other items or blocks.

In addition to the Minecraft items, you can craft almost every available item of this mod, such as weapons' parts, lightsabers, objects, armors, jetpacks, ammo etc.

Well...with a simple workbench you couldn't craft all the hi-tech things of Star Wars, that's why we have introduced a new power system with a new SteelFurnace!

For some recipes, you wilh have to craft your items in the steel furnace. An example of this are the special Armors such as the Clone Armor. Check how the Power System works to use this new technology correctly.

The uncraftable items - as all the drivable vehicles - are avaible in the Virtual Shop or in local shops in different planets!

LightSaber Crafting RecipesEdit

Lightsabers are "laser swords" held by Jedi, Sith and few other factions. They are useless for a bounty hunter but they are the most important item for a Force-Sensitive player (Jedi or Sith).


LightSaber Upper Part:

2 Iron Ingot + 1 Redstone part


Lightaber's lower part:

2 Iron Ingot + 1 Diamond


Single LightSaber:

1 Saber's upper part + 1 Saber crystal + 1 button + 1 Saber's lower part

Double saber

Double LightSaber:

2 lightsabers of the same colour + 1 Redstone

Weapons Crafting RecipesEdit

The following recipes are useful for the factions who hold blasters and don't use Force Powers (for ex. Bounty Hunter).


Rob homo piemel in de kont

Weapon's Kick:

3 Iron Ingot

( 3 barras de ferro )

A Weapon's Center


Weapon's Center:

6 Iron Ingot+2 Redstone+1 Diamond

( 6 Barras de ferro + 2 RedStone + Diamantes )



Blaster AVR's End:

2 Iron Ingot

( 2 Barras de ferros )

A sniper end

Sniper's End:

RedStone + 2 Iron ingot ( 1 RedStone + 2 Barras de ferro )


Blaster XRC's End:

3 Iron Ingot

( 3 Barras de ferros )

2012-07-19 11.34.37

Flamethrower's End:

2 Iron Ingot+1 Flint and Steel

(1 barra de ferro + 1 Isqueiro) 

A scope


6 Iron Ingot + 2 Glass Block + 1 Redstone

(6 barras de ferro + 2 blocos de vidro + 1 pedra vermelha)

2012-07-19 11.28.32

Rockets Standard:

5 Iron Ingots + 1 Redstone + 1 Coal

(5 barras de ferro + 1 pedra vermelha + 1 carvão)

A Blaster XRC

Blaster XRC:

Weapon's Kick + Weapon's Center + Blaster XRC's End

A sniper rifle

Sniper Rifle:

Scope + Weapon's Kick + Weapon's Center + Sniper's End

A Blaster AVR

Blaster AVR:

Weapon's Kick + Weapon's Center + Blaster AVR's End

2012-07-19 11.28.07


Weapon's Kick + Weapon's Center + Flamethrower's End + Carbon Container

2012-07-19 11.32.27

Rocket Launcher:

6 Aluminium Segments + 2 Redstone + 1 Container

A Pistol


5 Iron Ingot + Diamond + Redstone

(5 barras de ferro + 1 diamante + 1 pedra vermelha )

Special Armors Crafting RecipesEdit

none of the armor works in the new 1.7.2 update for it has been changed for now.

2012-07-19 11.54.12

Clonetrooper helmet:

1 iron helmet+8 tin segments

2012-07-19 11.54.31

Clonetrooper chest:

1 iron chest+8 tin segments

2012-07-19 11.54.35

Clonetrooper legs:

1 iron legs+8 tin segments

2012-07-19 11.54.38

Clonetrooper boots:

1 iron boots+8 tin segments

2012-07-19 11.55.42

Katarn clone's helmet:

1 iron helmet+8 silver segments

2012-07-19 11.55.46

Katarn clone's chest:

1 iron chest +8 siver segments

2012-07-19 11.55.49

Katarn clone's legs:

1 iron legs+8 silver segments

2012-07-19 11.55.52

Katarn clone's boots:

1 iron boots+8 silver segments

2012-07-19 11.55.06

Mandalorian helmet:

1 iron helmet+8 titanium segments

2012-07-19 11.55.09

Mandalorian chest:

1 iron chest+8 titanium segments

2012-07-19 11.55.16

Mandalorian legs:

1 iron legs+8 titanium segments

2012-07-19 11.55.19

Mandalorian boots:

1 iron boots+8 titanium segments

2012-07-19 11.56.08

Jedi Kaminoan Helmet:

1 leather helmet+8 silver segments

2012-07-19 11.56.12

Jedi Kaminoan Chest:

1 leather chest+8 silver segments

2012-07-19 11.56.24

Jedi Kaminoan Legs:

1 leather legs+8 silver segments

2012-07-19 11.56.27

Jedi Kaminoan Legs:

1 leather boots+8 silver segments

Power System components RecipesEdit

2012-07-19 14.58.18

Copper Cable:

6 Wool + 3 Copper Segments

2012-07-19 15.00.16

Coal Generator:

4 Iron Ingot + 4 Copper Cable + 1 Flint and Steel

2012-07-19 14.59.41

Steel Furnace:

6 Iron Ingots+ 2 Copper Cable + 1 Flint and Steel

Please note that these are temp recipes untill we have all the items and blocks in the game. also theses recipes are simple right now but latter on it will be more complex

Other Crafting RecipesEdit

Jetpacks are for the factions which don't use the Force, for example for the BountyHunter.

A Jetpack


7 Iron Ingot + 2 Redstone

The following items are used for many things (some of them are also used for weapons' crafting recipes).

2012-07-19 11.26.44


3 Iron Ingots

2012-07-19 11.26.59

Carbon Container:

2 Coal+1 Container


Here are listed all craftable blocks, except for the power system's ones which are in the dedicated space some lines above. All those blocks can be decorative, useful or can have a special function in the game.



Spaceship metal block:

4 Iron Ingots + 1 Stone Brick

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